Community Webinar Questionnaire
1. Have you identified the steady source of revenue for the year Is the number fixed?
2. Have you planned month on month revenue growth for the year?
3. Have you identified the key resources that you required for the year?
4. Have you identified the key intelligence that you want to buy or rent?
5. Have you looked at the education that you have to give to your people?
6. Have you identified top 5 to 7 process that will help you to be successful in the year?
7. What are the top parameters of cost saving in the year?
8. What are the old product that you will sell to new customer?
9. What are the New products that you will sell to you new customers?
10. What are the Old Products that you will sell to your Old customer?
11. By which month you will be reach your break even in the year?
12. Have you identified the critical number for the first quarter?
13. Have you fixed the increments percentage of your people for the year?
14. What is the action plan for removing non performing assets?
15. Have you finalized the manpower hiring for the year?
16. Are your discussions on with at least one partner for JV or collaboration?
17. What is the revenue per employee that you have planned for the year and for the quarter?
18. What is the percentage reduction you will have on Accounts receivables for the year?
19. How do you plan to save on raw materials this year?
20. Are you clear about what to measure in business and you have Dashboards in place?
21. What are the trainings you will give to unskilled your people?